Language addition on transifex

Even after 6 months, there is no update from transifex.
Can someone pull updates, please? Would appreciate it much.


I started to pull translations:

But then I got distracted by bad translation strings:

In the future I hope to automate this so it happens on a more regular basis.

If there are errors in Georgian translation, please let me know.
I’ll be only glad to help.

This was really in the source strings. They were written in a way that they’re either untranslatable or easy to mess up. We have guidelines for developers (Translating - Foreman) but they weren’t followed by everyone.

Oh, now I see.
Could you please tell me approximate time translations will make it to at least nightly builds?

There is no automated process, though that’s been on our wishlist for a while. I just gained permissions on the project, so I can hopefully find some way.

The latest pull should show up in nightlies today. Then at each RC I’ll also do a pull. See Foreman 3.5 Schedule and Planning for when that that is.

Thanks much.
I’ve just updated to 3.5.0-0.17.develop.20221107111204git0d4279f and half of WUI is still English :slight_smile:
Lets wait for tonight.

BR, Temuri

Thanks for that. foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline #1675 [Jenkins] was the last run and that included foreman-3.5.0-0.17.develop.20221107111204git0d4279f.el8.noarch.rpm. Looks like you should be on the latest and if it doesn’t include the latest translations then I’ll need to dive into why it didn’t.

Tbh, I just do dnf update, run installer all over again and then log in to WUI to check if translations are there.
Yes, it is translated, like 30%, but looking at strings which are still in English (like “Content hosts”) I tend to believe they’re either not on transifex, or code is wrong and strings are not being i18n-ed.

There is a chance it didn’t notice changes and thus doesn’t restart the Foreman service. That’s never a problem for releases, but I’m not sure how well it works in nightly. It could help to restart manually: systemctl restart foreman.

There’s this bit in settings.yaml that isn’t supported by the installer:

Though Content Hosts are a Katello concept so I suspect katello isn’t translated or that hasn’t imported the latest translations.

It does restart foreman service at least 4 times during procedure. Once by dnf and at least 3 times by installer ran after.
About katello, should I ask katello devs deparately for pulling updates? It definitely is translated on transifex.

The branching process suggests it’s already been done:

I do see this:

However, that was nearly a month ago. @cintrix84 perhaps it’s a good idea to pull again prior to branching?

Took a look on pull #10314. It has all languages but Georgian :slight_smile:

Yeah I can do another round of translations, will open a pr today.

New pr for translations:

Thanks, but Georgian is still not there :slight_smile:

@NorwayFun that is the ka language code, correct? If so, it looks like it needs to be added as an official translation. We only do that when a language reaches a certain percentage.

@cintrix84 I think if you run mkdir -p locale/ka && touch locale/ka/katello.po prior to updating locales then you’ll pull in the translations, but I can’t find documentation on how it should be done so you may need to dig into it.

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Yes, “ka” is for Georgian.
I was told that (should be somewhere in this thread) addition happens after 40% of completion and it definitely is over 40% :slight_smile:

Will do the steps @ekohl suggested and look into how to make it work and do another translations pr and cherry-pick it in to the RC

Could you please do it before RC? Technical part of Georgain language is not that good for now, so I’m trying my best to fit all strings within context, which is not always possible when you just got list of them to translate.