LDAP configuration with Puppet


Is there any chance to configure LDAP with puppet manifest? I mean, we have configured foreman installation through puppet and we would like to put as much as it possible to puppet manifests. So, is there a possibility to put LDAP configuration into puppet?

I do not think this is covered by the puppet module at the moment. To workaround this you could perhaps do a post request to the auth_source_ldaps API endpoint and afterwards some to usergroups to create the mapping of groups to roles. This could be the command in an exec statement and for unless/onlyif use the corresponding get request.

There’s also https://github.com/theforeman/puppet-foreman/pull/579 that could be resurrected?

Yes, this would be a solution instead of workaround. Perhaps now with newer Puppet version and the graphql API it is easier to achieve.