Libvirt and uefi

I would like to create vm’s by using the the libvirt ressource with bios type uefi. The default seems to be BIOS and I find no way to change/configure it in foreman.
Is it possible ?

Foreman version: 2.3.3

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This is currently not possible. Foreman uses fog-libvirt library to perform provisioning. First you will need to make changes there and create some kind of BIOS or EFI flag, then it should be a simple change for Foreman.

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Are there any news about it? Is it now possible to set the bios type to uefi?

No change.

Basic support is tracked in No ability to create libvirt KVM virtual machine instances with uefi support · Issue #128 · fog/fog-libvirt · GitHub and I just submitted a PR for that: Implement EFI host creation by ekohl · Pull Request #134 · fog/fog-libvirt · GitHub.

On the Foreman side we would need some further work to provide a selection. It was noted that the PXE loader already has some selection mechanism, so perhaps we can derive it from there instead of providing a new UI element. And of course the API needs a capability.

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