Libvirt provider installation through puppet

I have foreman installation through puppet. I wrote the manifest to install full foreman environment and its proxies.
I would like to add foreman module for libvirt managing. Is this possible through puppet? I don’t want to install anything manually, because with next puppet agent run would destroy something.

I do not recommend using libvirt Foreman integration via Compute Resources for production use. We only test it with the default settings (default NAT network, default storage domain). Use RHV or oVirt for better experience.

However, for puppet questions @ekohl will probably know. However I don’t understand what you want to do, do you want to elaborate,

For foreman installation, I’m using instead of foreman installer. I would like to add to the puppet manifest class or parametres to install libvirt. So, it should be something like “–[no-]enable-foreman-compute-libvirt Enable ‘foreman_compute_libvirt’ puppet module” but for foreman-puppet installation. I can’t find anything like that in the documentation and the code.

You can include the foreman::compute::libvirt class. In the installer all --[no-]enable-* parameters map to classes. The other parameters map to class parameters. Note this doesn’t install libvirt itself, just the Foreman parts that can talk to libvirt.

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