Lifecycle content view promotion very slow

Promoting a content view taking a very long time. Theres no tasks blocking it and obvious system bottlenecks. Tried rebootin
Please could you advise taking 50 minutes to promote to one environment on new installed system doesn’t seem correct.
Would slow proxy connectivity cause this ?

Expected outcome:
few minutes

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.33

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Foreman 3.3.3
Katello 3.18

Other relevant data:

Hey @coal

It’s possible you have a stuck task. Can you check Monitor > Tasks, and look for the promote content view task. Once you find it, can you share what’s in the Errors tab, if anything? Or you can also click the “Dynflow console” button and look for any errored sub-actions, which is sometimes more useful.

There are no stuck tasks,
Seems its related to the number of repos attached to the content view.

How many repos/products are in the content view? What kind of resources (RAM, CPU) does the server have?

Could just be a combination of these two.

It was all of centos 7. Although the repos were syncd. I didnt expect it to take a long time to publish. The katello CV published within a minute

To clarify, a fresh promotion took 50 minutes?

Is it possible that you had some repositories syncing at the same time? That may have saturated the pulp workers and caused the promotion work to be delayed until after it was done.

If you publish/promote again does it still take 50 minutes?