Link in foreman_column_view column_view

I want to have link_to method in :

    :title: Uptime
    :after: 6
    :content: facts_hash['uptime']
    :view: :hosts_properties

is that possible ? I use this plugin: foreman_column_view

thanks in advance

Taking a look at the code in that plugin, it seems it always runs a method on the host:

Therefore (based on my basic reading at least) it looks like arbitrary content in the table cell (such as link_to) won’t be possible using this plugin, unfortunately.


thank you for your answer @jeremylenz,

that’s so pity that we can not use it.

So I cannot use html either right ?

Only by writing your own plugin and using deface - How to Create a Plugin - Foreman

You could in theory use some browser extension, like SeaMonkey / Greasemonkey to convert the value to the link, but that would do it only for you broswer, if more people use this Foreman instance, it’s not a great idea.

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thank you for your answer @Marek_Hulan.
I’ll start here:

You are right its not great idea!