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Problem: In the EPEL repository, I can see perl-Net-SNMP-6.0.1-7.el7.noarch. In the EPEL content view, there is no version of perl-Net-SNMP. I do have a filter rule for errata limiting it to errata before 6 Oct 2021. However, the perl rpm was updated 14 Feb 2013. So, the filter rule should not be keeping it out. I just attempted to publish a new version and nothing changed.

Expected outcome: Every package in the repository is in the content view only limited by the errata date.

Foreman and Proxy versions: foreman 3.0.1-1, katello-4.2.1-1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: CentOS 7.9

Other relevant data:

Sorry, this has the wrong subject. I started writing that yesterday then found a Red Hat bugzilla saying they know the problem exists, but they are not going to fix it.

In my EPEL repository, I have 13712 packages and 4741 errata. In my EPEL content view, I have 7919 packages and 2734 errata. All base packages are allowed in and all errata before 6 Oct 2021. So, can’t quite figure out why such a huge discrepancy?

I can reproduce the issue you’re having with the missing perl-Net-SNMP-6.0.1-7.el7.noarch package and I’m looking into it.

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Hi @bradawk, could clarify what you mean by the filter “all base packages are allowed in”?

If you meant to include all packages with no errata, you can do that by making an RPM include filter, then in the details page for that filter, checking the box that says “Include all RPMs with no errata.” next to the search bar.

The problem resolved itself. I am no longer experiencing the issue.
My EL7 content view has three repositories: base, extras, and updates. I have two filter rules. One is every rpm with no errata. The second is all errata up to date X. Does that answer your question?

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