Links to in Foreman/Katello Web UI

Hi all,

As far as I can tell, @jeremylenz has merged the first commit to Katello which links to the “next generation documentation” on Up until now, all Documentation buttons have linked to the Foreman Manual.

I found another commit by @lstejskal which I don’t fully understand yet due to links/manual. See webpack/assets/javascripts/react_app/routes/RegistrationCommands/RegistrationCommandsPage/RegistrationCommandsPageConstants.js in Foreman.

I believe this is a great achievement for both Foreman/Katello developers and everyone contributing to Foreman documentation. It shows the maturity of the open source documentation.

I want to take this opportunity to start a discussion on the following items:

  • Convert existing links to point to This could be a follow-up task to the current task of Making the primary documentation source.
  • Add more Documentation buttons to all appropriate places? I believe it’s possible throughout React-based UI in Katello.
  • Maintaining those anchors: For future Katello releases, we need to ensure that we do not change existing anchors within foreman-documentation (example). Up until now, we’re pretty liberal with backporting changes to the documentation. I believe we might need automated checks to not release Katello with broken links and to not break links in released versions of Katello. cc @docs

Any input and knowledge transfer is highly appreciated.

Thanks for highlighting this. IMHO this should be reverted and addressed in a proper way. As I highlighted in Making the primary documentation source we need a solution in Foreman, not Katello. Within Foreman we have the ability to apply branding in a unified way and that Katello introduces a new way means it gets harder to maintain. I’ll also comment in the PR.