List of packages to install not up to date

If you change the subscriptions/products or enabled repositories of a host for an existing host, the list of packages to install may not be up to date on the new host details page. The state need to be transferred from the managed host to your orcharhino.

To do this, run “subscription-manager repos” on your host or via remote execution. Afterwars, the list of packages which can be installed on host is then up to date.

I think, we should improve this by adding a “Refresh” button on the Repository Sets / or Content-Packages page. Clicking this button would start a REX job which then runs “subscription-manager repos”.

I talked with @iballou about this already.

What are your thoughts?

We already added a very similar option for content view changes in Feature #36256: Hosts should upload package profile after content view / lifecycle environment change - Katello - Foreman

I’m open to the idea of expanding this to other pages where it may also be useful. Perhaps we can discuss the design with @MariSvirik .

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We could even have a setting that allows for the automatic triggering of package profile upload after content view publishing.

From a feature/bug standpoint, I’m going to treat this as a bug since it’s a regression from Katello with Pulp 2 (Katello 3.18).


I think it would be great to fix the issue and a big improvement to usability.

I do find it interesting that this issue has come up only now since Katello has been running Pulp 3 for a number of years now. Has it not been a big enough problem for folks to bring it up perhaps?

with the old content host page it was only possible to enter a package name. With the new host details page you select a package to be installed from a list of packages.

You can still search for a specific package.

Even though it is not the best option - it is the easiest and the one that is achievable in a short period of time.

  • Adding refresh action to the top kebab and to the Packages’ and Errata’s kebabs.

The only question is how to name it.
I’m pinging the doc team @mjivraja @bangelic to help out here. Bear in mind that we already have an action recalculate and users need to be able to differentiate between those.

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Also, @Bernhard_Suttner, in rhsm.conf , you can find the following config option:

# Interval to run cert check (in minutes):
certCheckInterval = 240

This may also be the interval by which the host will check back in to Katello. So, by default, 4 hours. However, I haven’t yet found docs to back this up.

It could be tested by setting it to 1.

Can we have an instance or other resource for the same?

Not sure what you’re asking for here?

For the naming convention required by Maria. However, I can directly coordinate with her to share our views.

Opened Bug #36789: Recalculate errata uses out-of-date host package profile - Katello - Foreman