List packages in any particular version of a Composite Content View

Since we are now using a forum, I thought there should be a Feature Requests topic.

Personally, I’d love to be able to get a list of packages in any particular version of a Composite Content View, primarily so I can diff against another version of (probably the same) Composite Content View.

EG: I update three underlying Content Views (“CentOS, Extras, and Foreman”) and then the CCV that brings them all together for my Foreman server. The manager says “send around a list of software that will be updated for people to eyeball for potential issues”.

hammer diff foreman-server-ccv/version foreman-server-ccv/version-1

or something to that effect - would be great.

(as previously discussed on the users-list)

Tricky one - technically we have a category of bug for that on the request tracker, but we’ve always said we welcome discussion of possible features ahead of opening such tickets.

A single topic for many feature requests will definitely get unmanageable over time though, so I’d suggest we just discuss possible enhancements here in the Development category (one topic per feature) until they’re fleshed-out enough to be logged in the tracker - how does that sound? Tags may also be useful - I already have a “discussion” tag, but would people want a separate “RFC” tag too?

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I think early discussion should happen here. RFC tag that @Gwmngilfen suggested sounds good to me. If it’s generally accepted, then it should be moved to redmine where more specific discussion can continue. Last discussion stage is always in PR at github :slight_smile: So I’d suggest opening a new thread “[RFC] list of packages in any particular version of a Composite Content View”

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As long as it’s obvious Redmine is the official source and this is just for discussion (RFC sounds great) then I think it could be a good addition.

Updated the subject of the thread and added the RFC tag - feel free to discuss and if needed open an issue(s) on redmine and link to them.

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Also note that for those not already aware of the Redmine URL, the ‘bug’ icon in the header here links to it. Thoughts on better ways to signpost this for people are welcome. [/end thread derailing :slight_smile:]