Livestream: Deep Dive into Host Registration

Over the last while, there have been large improvements in the host registration process, including a new global registration template. In this deep dive, @lstejskal will introduce the latest host registration updates and demo how everything works.
This session is live so there’ll be an opportunity for questions throughout and at the end.

I’ll post a link to the Youtube livestream before the event, but if you’d like to join the Google meet and ask questions in-person, you are also welcome to do so, just let me know.

If you’ve any particular questions or areas you’d like included, please reply to this topic and we will try and prepare :smiley:

Link to the livestream:



  • Introduction
  • Showcase & how to use it
  • Workflow overview (how it works)
  • Templates & snippets
  • Settings & Parameters
  • Smart Proxy
  • Extending registration from plugins
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This is happening tomorrow!
Add it to your calendar!

This is happening later today!
Join us live and ask questions!

Link to the livestream:

We are live.
Join us!