Livestream: Katello Hammer Import/Export functionality

@Partha_Aji will give a detailed overview of everything that has been going on with Katello Import/Export

Link to the livestream will be added shortly.

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You can watch here and add questions/comments to the YouTube livechat:

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In this deep dive i 'll go over importing and exporting yum content between 2 katello instances with pulp 3 available in Katello 3.18 and later.
This will be useful for environments where the user wants to replicate content between 2 disconnected katello servers

With the new content import/export commands one can

  • Export/Import yum content from a content view version (completely/incrementally)
  • Export/Import yum content across all repositories in library lifecycle environment of an organizaion

We’ll go over the workflow and hammer commands associated with this functinality in detail.