Local RHVH provisioning failure

I have an issue during RHVH provisioning on bare metal. The unzipped ISO is mapped on local.
When anaconda going in check storage configuration stage the error is:

The following error occurred while installing. This is a fatal error and installation will be aborted.
HTTP request returned 404

I have tried with other Linux OS and I haven’t errors.

This is my Foreman configuration
Puppet CA, Puppet, Logs, Registration, TFTP & DHCP
Foreman Version 3.0.1

Thank you in advance!

Hello, more details please.


problem partially solved: using customized Kickstart oVirt-RHVH with parameter ‘liveimg_name’ I complete the installation but the error at the end is failed to write bootloader configuration

I suppose that the boot partition is too small.

Update: this is the error after install

Please ask the oVirt community and provide the full KS template preview. Looks like some bug in Anaconda or KS problem.

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