Looking for feedback: katprep - Linux maintenance automation toolkit

Hello community,

I have a different of request today. Last year, I started developing a Linux maintenance automation toolkit: katprep.

In a nutshell, this tool automates maintenance as it does the following:

  • creates/reverts/removes VM snapshots
  • schedules/removes monitoring downtimes
  • installs errata/package upgrades
  • reboots patched hosts if required/requested
  • creates patch reports

By leveraging different APIs, this toolkit works with different virtualization and monitoring products, such as:

  • VMware vSphere / Workstation / Player (pyVmomi)
  • XEN, KVM, Qemu, Microsoft Hyper-V, bhyve,… (via libvirt)
  • Nagios, Icinga 1.x, Icinga2

Currently, I’m also working on integrating with Spacewalk / Uyuni and check_mk.

The utility scans virtualization and monitoring environments and links dependencies within Foreman hosts in order to trigger the right systems for system maintenance. In addition to that, katprep also creates patch reports which might be interesting for companies (e.g. because of certifications like ISO 27001)

Last week, I published the first official release (version 0.5.0) - and therefore I’m looking for some feedback. Also, I’m not a professional programmer (doing this just for fun) - so I’m sure there are things that could be optimized. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

The toolkit is open-source and hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/stdevel/katprep