Looking for Foreman graphql Docu


i wanted to write some automation scripts, i wanted to switch to graphql. The documentary is very small. Is there anything more besides Foreman :: Manual

For example, I would like have all hosts from a parent host group. Also details about a host. I have not succeeded in doing all of this.

Have you tried using the excellent tool https://github.com/graphql/graphiql? You can also take a look at lisa’s source for some example queries: https://github.com/dm-drogeriemarkt/lisa/tree/master/src/graphql/queries

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Hi Timo,

thanks. I found https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/altair-graphql-client/ , that tool show me the fields. That was what I needed. I run successfully my first queries. I’m super happy with graphql, that makes things much much easier. Was a good decision to implement graphql.

But the GIT Drogeriemarkt is also a good source.