Looking to deploy HTTP Auth on Foreman

Problem: I’m looking to deploy the usage of HTTP authentication for Foreman. I’ve read some older posts of users who succeeded at their attempts, but it does not appear to work for my current setup.

Expected outcome: Logging in to foreman using [username:password]@[servername:port]

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.22, no proxy.

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: None, but I imagine there might be a plugin for this.

Can you explain a bit more about this? At least for the API this already works. Do you mean enforcing this via the webserver?

Absolutely. I’m working on a dashboard that has images of logo’s of the web apps we use. The user has to authenticate to access the dashboard. When they click on one of the images, they will be forwarded to the webapplication. I think Foreman offers the procedure through keycloak, but my coordinator clearly stated that he did not want to use SSO. Hence why I’m trying to set up HTTP-Auth.

This would mean that the user would be able to log in to the web-app as follows;
Click the image.
It fetches the username/password tied to this account.
It forwards the user to [username:password]@[foremanserver:port].
This would prevent the log-in page from being loaded, sending them right to the web-app.

Don’t know if it’s allowed on the forum, but bump.