luna-nightly-rpm-pipeline 270 failed

Luna nightly pipeline failed:

foreman-pipeline-luna-nightly-centos8-upgrade (failed)
foreman-pipeline-luna-nightly-centos8-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-luna-nightly-centos7-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-luna-nightly-centos7-upgrade (failed) (remote job)

looks like the rex and ansible bats tests failed

I wonder if that’s related to the dynflow core changes that happened/are happening?

stuff passed 5 days ago when I last touched plugins: foreman-plugins-nightly-rpm-test-pipeline #5 [Jenkins]

2021-04-21T04:00:36 [E|bac|30f78bd0] Could not use any proxy. Consider configuring remote_execution_global_proxy, remote_execution_fallback_proxy in settings (RuntimeError)
should fix it

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