Main buttons on broken


Hi there,

Noticing a bug on the front page of… quick start and learn more buttons are both broken, in multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox on the desktop + Chrome on Android).


Thanks for reporting @wings.

@Laviro didn’t you just updated the site menu?


Thanks @wings, sorry for the inconvenient,
from what I see the quick start link works well, or maybe we are not talking on the same buttons…
are you talking about the buttons from the nav:

I saw now that the top buttons of Get Started and Learn More are not interactive,

I will take a look and update with a fix soon


Found a simple fix for that, the header z-index leftover was causing it.
can’t push a new PR to github at the moment:

So I will create it as soon as they fix it :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s what I was trying to refer to :slight_smile: Thanks!


cc @ekohl @lzap


Thanks, I have merged the fix.