Making another 1.17 release?


Initially, we didn’t plan on making another 1.17 release since 1.19.0 should be out this week, meaning that 1.17 line is no longer supported.
However, over the past week 2 significant issues were discovered affecting users attempting to upgrade to 1.17:

Considering we recommend users to upgrade one version at a time, even if fixes for these are released in a newer version, users may still hit issues during the 1.16->1.17 upgrade. Therefor, I suggest releasing 1.17.4 containing only these two fixes, to allow users a smooth upgrade path to the newer versions. I know there are likely other issues people would be happy to backport, but considering that the version will no longer be supported in one week, I would prefer refraining from that and recommend only to upgrade to 1.17.4 as a step to the newer supported versions for any users wanting newer features or fixes.

I would be happy to hear opinions from others, especially @Ondrej_Prazak who is in charge of the 1.17 version releases.


If it wasn’t for #24679, I would say it is probably not worth it, but I would not mind doing 1.17.4 if it means smoother transition to newer versions.

We have decided to make a 1.17.4 release containing just these fixes, hopefully to be released this week. Users still on 1.16 should refrain from updating until this release is out if one of the above issues affects them.