Managing content-view exports

Not really a problem as such, just looking for guidance which doesn’t appear to be in the Content Management Guide.

When exporting content views for import into a disconnected satellite/foreman, is there any guidance on housekeeping?

i.e. if we export a complete content view, then export a weekly incremental, we could end up with a truckload of exports. When is it safe to delete the original complete export? Do exports of incrementals care if the content of the previous complete export exists?

I assume I’m not the only person doing this kind of thing so I’d be keen to hear how others are managing this? Disk is cheap but there are limits.

I think once the content is imported, you don’t need the export files any more. As to whether an incremental import requires previous imports to exist, I don’t think so either but @Partha_Aji may be able to provide more detail :slight_smile:


I think we probably just need a bit more detail in the documentation here. It’s not clear whether an incremental export refers to the previous export or if it is entirely independent.

Each export is independent.
An incremental export means the exported content files would be of specified file size instead of one file with all content in.

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Feel free to remove the export once its moved to the downstream server. You can always regenerate the export if needed. Incremental export gets its information from pulp db, you do not need to keep the previous exports for incremental.


That’s great to know.

What happens if a version has been deleted? I.e. version 1 has been exported, version 2 gets deleted from pulp database and I then do incremental on 3.

Would the export of 3 be all changes since version 1?

Yes it will pick up changes since version 1. It basically keeps track of what was exported before to that destination and copies over.

If you deleted version 2 the export history for that version would also have gotten deleted. The next incremental call would see version 1 as the last exported and hence generate from there.

Just one more question for clarification. Is an incremental all changes since the last complete, or all changes since the last (complete or incremental)?