Managing Flatpak remotes with Katello

After today’s Community Demo I got interested into the topic of controlling and proxying Flatpak content again.
It was very shortly mentioned that pulp 3, or better said the pulp container plugin is capable now to download, host and index OCI compliant Flaptak repos now.

It kind of makes sense to do the same thing with flatpak repos as already done with yum (…) repos, “mirror”, stage, filter, and distribute them internally as they are mostly very user facing.
As far as I understood it, it would be possible now to integrate only OCI copliant single flatpak repos into pulp, but not the ostree/git style repos, and even less structures of many such repos like Flathub is.

It really got me thinking of a time, where you could on demand proxy Flathub through Katello, which could manage the Flatpak remote config on the clients via rhsm.
Up to now I don’t really know if I’m able to help in that matter without much development knowledge, or even have that time, but hey I at least I had that thought and wanted to write it down.

So… any thoughts on this? Did I misunderstand/miss something, is there already work somewhere for Flatpak remote proxying?

Cheers! ~lumarel


It seams at least you understood this correctly: Hosting Flatpak Content in OCI Format — Pulp Container Support 2.16.0 documentation

Pulp support is only the first step, but a promising one. I am personally not a big fan of flatpak, so I would prefer support for other content before this, but if there is some interest I am definitely pro adding it.

Okay good.
Lets say I’m also not the biggest fan, but it seems like it’s the future for UI applications…
And with control of Flatpaks from Flathub you could also do whitelisting. (would need similar enforcing like it’s possible with subscription-manager with dnf, where you can force to only allow repos from rhsm)

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I added that Flatpak support to Pulp, and am now starting to add support in Katello.