Manifest refresh problem

The subscriptions from RHEL have been refreshed from the beginning of 2022 and after re-adding the subscriptions to Foreman i have problem by refreshing the manifest.

Error message: the server returns an error
HTTP status code: 404
Response headers: {“date”=>“Mon, 10 Jan 2022 09:57:42 GMT”, “server”=>“gunicorn”, “content-type”=>“application/json”,
“vary”=>“Accept,Cookie”, “allow”=>“GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS”, “x-frame-options”=>“SAMEORIGIN”, “content-length”=>“23”,
“correlation-id”=>“e7e56936-8d12-46d0-976e-944c59297eba”, “access-control-expose-headers”=>“Correlation-ID”, “via”=>“1.1 foreman.com01.comcorp.lan”, “connection”=>“close”}
Response body: {“detail”:“Not found.”}


Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • foreman-3.0.1-1.el7.noarch
  • katello-4.2.1-1.el7.noarch

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.9

Other relevant data:

Hey @senetm,

Thanks for posting your issue here.
Could you please provide the details with steps to re-produce your issue?
How did you refresh your subscriptions from HREL?
How did you re-add the subscriptions to Foreman?

the old subscriptions have expired 31.12.2021, we bought new subscriptions and therefore i went to red hat customer portal–>Subscription Allocations–>Our Foreman server and added the subscriptions.
Then i have refreshed the Manifest on Foreman and after that i am getting that warning.

Thanks for update.

Could you try export the new subscriptions from customer portal then import the new manifest into Foreman since the old one has expired?

I already did that and the same problem appeared.

Could you try this:

foreman-rake katello:correct_repositories

Unfortunately the same problem appeared after that.

I have deleted the repository with ID 1885 and Manifest refresh went through without any warning or error. Now i have the problem that i do not see the redhat repositories on the hosts?


The RHEL subscription is added and the hosts are getting all other repos only the RHEL not. I already did:
yum clean all
rm -fr /var/cache/yum/*
subscription-manager refresh

subscription-manager clean
subscription-manager register --org=“ORG” --activationkey=“RHEL” --force

And the RHEL repos are still not there? Any idea?

Please try disable and re-enable the Red Hat repo you need (Content → Red Hat Repositories).

Thanks…it is working now but first i had to delete all my content views with RHEL repos → disable the repo → enable repo → sync product → create content view. :sweat: