March Ruby Pune Meetup



Pune Ruby Meetup consists of a group of enthusiastic and creative Rubyists. It was a long time
since I had hosted a Ruby Meetup in the Pune Red Hat Office, so I thought it would be a good idea to have one.

We have three talks lined up for the meetup:
a) Writing Ansible module in ruby - by Rahul Bajaj (that’s me)
b) Know about OpenScap with Foreman and start contributing - by Aditi Puntambekar
c) Knowing the internals of Ruby - Anubhav Jain

If you are nearby, then hop-in :slight_smile:




Well I was nearby, so I hopped in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I would like to share my experience about this meetup.

Everyday is a new learning. So, it’s quite interesting to say every month should be a gem learning. The beginning of March witnessed some enthusiastic Rubyists at the Pune Ruby meetup held on 2nd March 2019 in Red Hat Pune. This meetup had the following talks along with live demos to make the audience understand the concept at a greater extent:

  • Experience with Ruby Internals by Anubhav Jain was an inspiring talk to listen to as he has no experience in Ruby, but learns it out of his own interest and passion.
  • Writing your own Ansible Modules by Rahul Bajaj put forth a crystal clear picture of how Open Source is open to any and every technology. He demonstrated how one can write Ansible modules in Ruby even though Ansible has been developed in Python.
  • Create your own Website using Jekyll by Budh Ram was a great experience for creating websites as fancy as one could think of in a short span of time. He demonstrated how if one wants to create a blog site for themselves, they could host it on github too.
  • And lastly, OSCAP meets Foreman by Aditi Puntambekar (that’s me) introduced the power of Foreman that integrates with OpenSCAP to run compliance checks and examine whether the hosts managed by Foreman comply with the SCAP profile that has been selected.

More than all of these, was the interaction that I could experience from folks of diverse professional backgrounds. Waiting for the upcoming meetups!