Mark response as solution


How do I do this? I can’t find any button. Can we get permissions to do this?


Its only enabled on the Support and RFC boards - where are you trying to mark a solution?



That seems to be in Support category tho.


For me there’s a checkbox icon if I click on the … (next to Reply), but I am an admin so it might be a permission thing.


I see it here, but not in the other thread. I guess this can be done by OP or admin only.


Yeah, I was just checking it, the option is for “Topic owner & staff” which is admins and moderators.

I think it’d be good if that was available to a given trust level too, it’s more scalable. I’ll post on the plugin thread when I’m back on Monday (yay!) :smile:


That said, I’m happy to make you a moderator if you wish @lzap, you’re very active on support :slight_smile:


Yeah just give me moderator thanks, I often want to mark my posts as solutions :slight_smile:


Done - play nice :smiley:


Actually I just found the setting for allowing appropriate trust-level people to mark solutions. I’ve set it to TL2 for now (which is about 25 people) but might increase it to TL3 once that group is populated enough… You can keep the moderator flag though @lzap :smiley: