Maximum of hosts

I I’m Marianne ,
New user of Foreman.
How many Hosts can we manage with Foreman ?
it’s a GNU license,
But is there a maximum of servers we can Deploy?
Thanks for your answer.

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Hi Marianne,
Welcome to the community.
I moved your question to the Support forum as I think that you might have a better chance of getting an answer there.

Hello Marianne and welcome!
The only limit to how many hosts you can manage is on your hardware requirements. Depending on how you use Foreman, these can get quite high for managing a large estate when using a lot of functionality (e.g. puppet or content management can require a lot of resources).
If you only use Foreman for provisioning and manageing your inventory, the requirement won’t be too high.
There are Foreman instances out there managing everything from small home labs to fleets of tens of thousands of servers.

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We do have some sizing info at but I could not find it. I saw a table with some host numbers the other day.

Out of box, you can expect Foreman to scale up to thousands or tens of thousands hosts if you perform some tuning. We have heard about deployments of 100,000 sizes but these are usually customized, highly tuned deployments with only some partitions of our features in use (e.g. inventory, puppet ENC etc).