Media monitor category

Do we want to create “they wrote about us” or “media monitor” category for this kind of links:


Maybe this could be in a “Lounge” category, where discussions can be slightly off-topic, but interesting to other Fore(wo)men.

There is already the #uncategorized section (labelled General Chat in the Menu) :slight_smile:

I see a lock attached to Lounge category, isn’t this a private one?

I will happily move my entry there.

It’s indeed not visible for anonymous people. Haven’t tested with regular user tho.

The Lounge is not the same as #uncategorized. From the description of Lounge:

A category exclusive to members with trust level 3 and higher.

It’s a default category created with Discourse intended for regulars and staff to hang out in. It’s intended to not be public - unlike #uncategorized

However, I see no reason not to have a dedicated “hang out” / “off topic” kind of space, so I could unlock the Lounge easily. Does anyone see a problem with that?

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