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Hi Team, I am working on Foreman from last 4years and I am anxiously waiting for an option in new version of Foreman where we can find out detailed and an consolidated reports of all puppet agent hosts like total executions happened in last week/month and failed executions… etc. So far what happened we need to click on each agent host then jump to report option and then could see these details means so far we can get reports/metrics of individual agents not of all agents at one screen.

Hope dev team got my point and look into this.


if you want to see some feature, good start is opening the RFE in our issue tracker

Please also be a bit more specific, e.g. if the expected report is a text based (csv, json, yaml, html) or you want some chart in the UI. Provide an example of desired report. Ideally provide also a use case and reasoning, why you need such feature, that allow devs to think about it. I’m sure devs would be happy to help if you’re interested in contributing this yourself.

Hi Marek,

I;ve created ticket"30116" for this development. Kindly reply me if any process made so far.

Not sure if that would help, but there is an email summery of report
activity that you can configure the timespan you are reporting on…

i receive email summary of out of sync hosts only, not sure if any diff configuration needed to get the report which you are referring to. can you please provide some doc on that?

First hit on Google

Might be a bit out of date honestly but I believe it should work…

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i’ll try this. thanks.

i was following given URL, i made following changes in /usr/share/foreman/config/settings.yaml then ran command “foreman-rake reports:summarize days=3 RAILS_ENV=“production””

but it didn’t work, i got following message.

I think it was renamed since the achent wiki days:

see: foreman-rake -D reports:daily

 Send an email notifications such as summarising hosts Puppet reports (and lack of it), audits summaries, built hosts summary etc.
    Users can configure the frequency they desire to receive mail notifications under
    My account -> Mail Preferences -> Notifications, and this task will send emails to
    users according to their preferences.
    e.g: rake reports:daily sends reports to users who want daily notifications.
    Available conditions:
      * days             => number of days to scan backwards (defaults to 1)
      * hours            => number of hours to scan backwards (defaults to disabled)
      * environment      => Report only for hosts which belongs to a certian environment
      * fact=name:value  => Report only for hosts which have a certian fact name and a value
      * email            => override default email addresses
        # Sends out a monthly summary email only for hosts that belong in the 'production' environment
        rake reports:monthly environment=production RAILS_ENV="production"
        # Sends out a weekly summary email only for hosts matching a certain fact name and value
        rake reports:weekly RAILS_ENV="production"
        # Sends out a weekly summary email containing only hosts that belong in the 'testing'
        # environment to an email address 'testuser@domain'
        rake reports:weekly environment=testing email=testuser@domain RAILS_ENV="production"

your article not worked, i thought i would find something in-built in Foreman, now i am switching my idea, following this article for Puppetdb.