Metrics report

Hi Team, I am working on Foreman from last 4years and I am anxiously waiting for an option in new version of Foreman where we can find out detailed and an consolidated reports of all puppet agent hosts like total executions happened in last week/month and failed executions… etc. So far what happened we need to click on each agent host then jump to report option and then could see these details means so far we can get reports/metrics of individual agents not of all agents at one screen.

Hope dev team got my point and look into this.

Also total drift events, total failure etc


if you want to see some feature, good start is opening the RFE in our issue tracker

Please also be a bit more specific, e.g. if the expected report is a text based (csv, json, yaml, html) or you want some chart in the UI. Provide an example of desired report. Ideally provide also a use case and reasoning, why you need such feature, that allow devs to think about it. I’m sure devs would be happy to help if you’re interested in contributing this yourself.

thanks Marek for reply and looking into this.
Use case:- Higher management wanted to provide details of total applied use cases details as well how many time any case applied successfully or failed by any reason or if applied or how many time drifted any value so that they place a total number of success or failed execution report like report metrics to customer. Currently we can see things like (Applied, Restarted, Failed,Restart Failures,Skipped,Pending) but per host only on GUI while we want that foreman should have a option to see total numbers of execution or failures, Restarted…etc
To achieve this goal we have created a python script which connect to postgres and create report. if you provide me some private drive or space i can uploaded that script with you or dev team.