Minor confusion about versions

According to this post 3.10 released on Dec 18, 2018. But Index of /groups/katello/releases/yum/latest currently points to 3.8 and the manual page still says 3.10-RC in the drop down list.

Is 3.10 the current release?


Additionally the 3.10 release notes refer to the 3.9 target release in redmine.

What gives?

3.10 is indeed the latest release, there was a missed update to the manual to remove the RC that was fixed yesterday. The release note link does seem to link to the incorrect version on redmine, care to open a PR to fix it? The source is here and PRs are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Approved the PR but someone else will need to merge. Thank you for creating it.

In the katello repo, some packages are rc1, like the katello package, is this correct?