Mismatched assets in web interface resulting in no images, after (many hops) upgrade to 1.19

Hi all, after going through an update to 1.19, the web login GUI seems to be presenting HTML that is out of sync with the assets on the system.

The [host]/users/login page has (for example):

<img src="/assets/login_logo-e0e51f6be894b40495960e63a76ccf95a61af08e282256e5aea1f3e0b05733ba.png" alt=“Login logo” />

whereas if I look at the RPM, it should be:

[root@centos httpd]# rpm -ql foreman|grep -i login_logo

I couldn’t see how the users/login page is (dynamically?) generated from the ruby source of /usr/share/foreman/app/views/users/login.html.erb

Is there something that I can do to regenerate / rebuild the asset reference in the ruby layer of things so that it refers to the correct assets that are in the foreman rpm?

I’m CentOS 7.5, foreman 1.19. I just went through a bunch of upgrades (incrementally) from 1.12 to 1.19 so I suspect something is a bit out of sync here, but I’m hoping it might be just some cache that I need to rebuild. Foreman is running just fine otherwise, web interface is all good and responsive, just something is generating the pages with the wrong asset references.

Anybody have any ideas?

Whelp, answered my own question. Ended up doing a find looking for the login_logo-e0e51f6b… file and found a reference to it in /var/lib/foreman/public/assets/.sprockets-manifest-67033325ad1995e057b56c2e8582800f.json which wasn’t owned by anything. The real one is in that directory owned by foreman-1.19. I removed the spurious .sprockets-manifest file, restarted the web server, and all good, is now serving the GUI correctly.

Thanks me! Topic can be closed.