Missing gems - Foreman 3.0 - Centos 8

Installing while following the manual results in an error with Centos 8

Foreman installer seems to mis some rubygems that makes the installer fail.

The repo seems to mis at least the following rubygems.

I cannot find the mentioned gems in the repo.

This sounds like @packaging issue. Hopefully they can weigh in.

It’s the same issue we talked on IRC the other day: ACD and Salt have broken deps on 3.0+ as that dropped the tasks-core and rex_core gems.

It looks like Salt is already in the making: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/pull/6968

ACD needs a release as rubygem and then a package update if I am correct. This should be something for @m-bucher as the owner of the gem at rubygems.