Missing Installation Media for RHEL 8

Trying to provision RHEL 8 node. Configured and synchronized repos including Kickstart. After reading some old posts I was expecting to see Installation Media for RHEL listed under Hosts → Installation Media. Clearly missing some step. Tried to play with Organization and Location - no difference
Expected outcome:
Need to see installation media available. Show stopper at the moment

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Foreman 3.5.3

If you’ve synchronized a kickstart repo, you won’t see installation media. Instead, you have to choose the content view and lifecycle environment that contains the kickstart repo (this may be Default Org View / Library, but you still must select it.) Once those are selected, you’ll be able to select “Synced Content.”

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Yes! That was it. Thanks! System is provisioned now. Next issue - need to somehow enable all repositories on it - both DNF and subscription-manager show nothing available.