Missing packages

I installed a CentOS 8 machine and registered it with Foreman/Katello 1.24.1/ 3.14 . When I try to install a package, like podman, I get unresolved packages. The package “ostree” is missing. I checked repos sync status, content view for my CentOS 8 machine and if the package is available. From my side it looks ok.

When I try a dnf search / list at my client, I cannot see it. What I tried at the client:

  • subscription-manager register
  • subscription-manager refresh
  • dnf clear
  • dnf update

Expected outcome:
All packages from the cv are available at the client.

Distribution and version:
Foreman CentOS 7
Client CentOS 8

I switched the Download Policy from the centos 8 repositories from On Demand to Immediate.
Now I can see all packes on my centos 8 client machine.