Missing pulp-python-manifest package

Trying to follow Content Management Guide

This step: yum install python-pulp-manifest
fails with:
[root@george yum.repos.d]# yum install python-pulp-manifest
Last metadata expiration check: 0:13:46 ago on Wed 11 Aug 2021 10:25:17 AM MDT.
No match for argument: python-pulp-manifest
Error: Unable to find a match: python-pulp-manifest

Note: Server and Index of /client/2.5 repositories are enabled.

Expected outcome:

Installation of the package.

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Rocky Linux 8.4
Other relevant data:

Nice catch! These steps seem to be outdated. I’ve filed an issue to update the documentation.


Thank you so much. Is there a ‘how-to’ available with correct steps so I can move forward with this?

The steps in the section are intended to provide a way to create a local file repo. You can download the fixture here: Index of /file/ and use that as the local file repo for the the step.

Thank you, but your information was not clear. I see a manifest and 3 .iso files. That doesn’t tell me much. I’m just learning how to use Foreman.

Hey @emmitchell,

I think the goal would be to download that repo as a directory and place it in the /var/www/html/pub/ directory and serve it locally for your server to be able to sync the content. The python-pulp-manifest if I understand correctly does the part where it creates a manifest file for the files and places it in the directory.

1. Create a directory that you want to use as the file type repository in the HTTP server’s public folder:

# mkdir /var/www/html/pub/*my_file_repo*
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I am also trying to create a local file repository to sync my custom packages and noticed that the python-pulp-manifest package is missing in the repository. Is the PULP_MANIFEST file not required now or we have to somehow manually generate it for all the files in the directory?

This tool was part of the Pulp 2 code base and thus a sub-package. The Pulp project is starting to work on porting this to Pulp 3 for packaging:


Thanks. Will be tracking the issue.

If anyone else needs it, I am attaching an edit of the original build_manifest.py (pulp_rpm/build_manifest.py at 2.21-release · pulp/pulp_rpm · GitHub) which should work on both Python2 (not tested) and Python3 which generates the PULP_MANIFEST file for provided directory.

Usage : build_manifest.py /var/lib/pulp/imports

Processing: build_manifest.py…
Processing: build_manifest…
build_manifest.tar (3.5 KB)


As another user has hit this, I went to add a note to the docs warning people that they’re not currently working, then I looked at the redmine and the Pulp issue, which is marked as notabug now.

I wouldn’t mind fixing the docs myself if I could better understand what is needed here.

From what I can gather from @dralley 's comment: the work has been implemented on the Pulp side.
Does that mean a fix is coming to a later version of Katello in which these docs as they stand will work, or should they be replaced with what @sajha has suggested?