Module stream obsoletes

Hi everybody!

I was wondering if Katello is able to show and alert about module stream obsoletes?
As far as I can see currently this property is only used in Fedora,
but hopefully this will reach RHEL some time in the future, would make dealing with deprecated module streams a lot easier.

Or if it is not currently implemented is it planned to be?

Thank you!
Cheers, lumarel

Hi @lumarel,

We haven’t targeted module stream obsoletes yet, but it would be good to hear if more folks need this feature in Pulp/Katello to gauge prioritization.

For the feature to be supported, Pulp would first need to track that information, and then Katello would need to consider it in our applicability calculations.

Syncing / showing metadata / publishing module obsoletes metadata is in pulp_rpm 3.18, I’m not certain if it’s everything Katello would need to support it but the basic support should be there.


Thank you both @iballou and @dralley !

Great that it already made it’s support into pulp_rpm :slight_smile:
What I’m just thinking about if you could query all systems with deprecated or soon to be deprecated application streams.
The visualization in Katello on every system if there is a obsolete one would be a on top nice to have feature,
but yeah would really appreciate it being there! Using the reporting function might already be enough for the start.

The trouble is that (like everything else with modularity) the ecosystem is a total mess. RHEL and derivatives don’t use modular obsoletes metadata, neither does EPEL (EPEL is about to get rid of modules completely), but Fedora does, except that Fedora keeps discussing whether they want to get rid of modules as well.

So I think for the time being we’re not strongly inclined to integrate with them because everything is in constant flux.