Move GCE to a plugin



Continuing the discussion from "Not Found" message when creating GCE compute resource:

GCE hasn’t been maintained in a long time. I suggest we migrate it to a plugin, or drop it entirely, and remove it from core.

  • Keep in core
  • Move to plugin
  • Drop entirely

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Connect Foreman 1.20 to GCE

After some more thought on the issue, I think we should keep it in core and start maintaining it again. GCE is the 3rd largest cloud provider, and one of our strongest “selling points” for foreman is it works with whatever infra you use - we can’t just ignore GCE and keep stating that.


My 2 cent: in case GCE is moved to a plugin, why should AWS be in core? In my eyes, maintain all these compute resource as plugin or try to have a good bundle of the most important in core. I would move even more to core as this is the power of foreman.


While it’s nice to have it in core, I think everything in core should be well maintained. We can’t really say that for GCE right now. I don’t know about AWS but if it’s slowly bit rotting then moving it to a plugin makes sense. Plugins can also iterate at a different pace, for better or worse.


This is not an official statement from Red Hat or anything, end of disclaimer.

According to Red Hat Satellite 6.3 official docs, these are the mentioned Compute Resources at the moment:

  • libvirt
  • RHEV
  • VMWare
  • OpenStack
  • EC2
  • Docker

If we as a community cannot maintain any of these, Red Hat will probably interfere and invest engineering resource in doing necessary changes. There is some general confidence that these components are “safe” and moving them into plugins does not need to happen now.

Now for the following resources the support scope is not clear from Red Hat documentation. Satellite 6 customers should reach out to their representatives in order to learn scope of support for these:

  • Google
  • Rackspace

Looking into git, Rackspace was mainly maintained by our currently non-active Dominic and Sam and GCE was created by Romain Vrignaud and then random people. I don’t see much activity of currently active community members for these.

Therefore it would be good idea to move both GCE and Rackspace into plugins short term and long term move everything into plugin. That’s our long-term thinking for whole Foreman application for many years already, this does not change. So my suggestion and proposal is actually: Move all Compute Resources to plugins, but start with GCE and Rackspace.

We should also call for maintainers, maybe a blogpost @Gwmngilfen?


It’s in the newsletter which will be published shortly.