Moving a VM and then trying to update the entry in foreman

Running Foreman 1.15.1 here for this test. I moved a VM from one vsan to
another and while the host continued to run and puppet was fine I had an
issue. I wanted to update a parameter on the host and when I tried to make
the change I received this error.

*Oops, we're sorry but something went wrong *ERF42-6324
[Foreman::Exception]: Could not find network dvportgroup-17321 on VMWare
compute resource

Looks like it's not picking up the new network switch setting? I couldn't
find a way to edit this option on the host and fix it. I also noticed
several fields in the "Virtual Machine" setting for the host were now
blank. Such as "Cluster" asking for me to select one (which it wouldn't

Is there a way to tweak these and correct this problem?

I can build on both vsans just fine and hosts that aren't moved are ok. Are
we just expected to not move a vm from one vsan/vhost to another?