Moving foreman-maintain issue tracking to Github

I’d like to simplify and centralize issues related for foreman-maintain by moving the open, relevant issues to Github issues and close the Redmine project. My opinion is this will increase visibility of issues being opened as they will exist next to pull requests that are being reviewed and opened on a weekly basis.

Before I undertake this change, I wanted to get feedback if there were any concerns with this move.

I don’t object, but I think it can be useful to migrate existing issues. AFAIK the Pulp people did that with theirs so we can probably reuse some tooling.

Do you mean migrate open issues or all issues? The former is what I proposed doing, but I am open to hearing the latter if you have some thoughts.

Given I have not seen any push back, I will plan to implement this change this week.

What do we intend to do with Overview - Foreman Maintain - Foreman? If we archive it, it won’t be visible. So any old commit that points to Redmine issues will lose its context.

I don’t know how important that is, but it could be an argument to import all issues.

Does archiving a project mean that old Redmine issues are no longer visible?

I have migrated the relevant issues to Github Issues and closed the Redmine project so it is read-only. All new issues should be filed in Github or opened as PRs.