Moving from version 1.14.3 to 3.5

I have foreman version 1.14.3 installed. I want to switch to version 3.5.
It seems the a standard upgrade (each version at a time) is not the best option in this case.
So i will use a new fresh installation of foreman and foreman proxy.
The question is how do i migrate the database ? is it even possible ? I imagine that there were many changes along the way is the structure of the db.
So if anyone ever made such a change or have an idea on how to implement please share your thoughts

Hi !

We’ve studied the exact same scenario (1.11 with MySQL to 3.x with postgreSQL), and ultimately decided to migrate without migrating the database.

All the “work” went into simplifying the Puppet code, and moving all the previous “data” that was in the database into Hiera files.

Hope it helps !

So for our internal Foreman instance I did update from 1.24 to 3.1. In Rebuild Foreman infrastructure by ekohl · Pull Request #1777 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub I kept my notes. Note that I picked 3.1 since newer versions dropped data migrations from Foreman < 2.

This was possible because we used PostgreSQL and I hacked around some DB migration issues. From there on it should be easier to move forward.

If you’re also using Katello, I wouldn’t even consider it though. Too many things changed over the years.

It still is an advanced scenario and things may break.