Moving 'Infra & CI' outside of Development Category

I’ve received some feedback that even though the CI notifications are in a sub-category, for developers coming to the top level development category this creates clutter and makes it harder to find “development” threads. I’d like to propose we do one of the following:

  • Move ‘Infra & CI’ to a top level category
  • Create a ‘developer’ (or some other name) sub category inside Development to focus discussions around development activities and questions

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Converted it to a poll for you

Voted! Thanks for following up on our convo :metal:

Note you can already stop following the current board. Go to Infra SIG - TheForeman and find the circle in the top right. Click it and you see a menu:


For most people I’d recommend Normal so we can tag you into a discussion but you won’t get spammed.

Given the results of the poll I’ve moved it to the top level.


Thanks for following up!