Multiple DNS providers and multiple route53_provider

Hello, I have two questions about providing DNS:

1.) Is it possible to use multiple different DNS providers e.g. dns_nsupdate and dns_route53?

2.) Can you use more than one route53 aws_access_key/aws_secret_key pairs for multiple AWS accounts?

Thanks in advance.

Not within the same Smart Proxy. You can deploy multiple Smart Proxies to work around this.

The reason is that on the Foreman there is no tracking of providers (it’s fully transparent) and on the Smart Proxy side there’s no support for multiple providers with some routing.

The current route53 provider doesn’t support this. Since you can’t load multiple providers, the workaround here is to also run multiple Smart Proxies.

In theory you could run multiple Smart Proxies on the same machine, but there’s no out of the box support for it.