Multiple Versions / Repository Sets - Clear instructions in 2022 - TF Version 3.21

Good Day,

I have seen this post →

But the op did a work around. Is there any clear, very specific instructions to have multiple repo’s as a repo set setup?

My intention is to be able to use the yum/dnf repo file with the variables so it uses the correct repo example:

name=Rocky Linux $releasever - HighAvailability

Only reason I am asking is because we have more then just RHEL servers and I would like to be able to do the same. Not sure if there is a hidden tool/feature that is not documented perhaps? How do other people do it?

Edit: Should also add we use “On Demand” as a download policy since the previous server used a whopping 1.6 Tb of space and there was no way to clear it out. So we now only use on demand mode.