Need JSON example for Puppet Class Parameter overrides

I am trying to leverage Foreman API v2 to create hosts but I can’t find good examples on how to provide override values for Puppet Class Parameters. Can anyone give me a few examples on how I can accomplish this?


here is an example that should work:

[ INFO 2020-02-04T09:15:27 API] POST /api/smart_class_parameters/1393/override_values
[DEBUG 2020-02-04T09:15:27 API] Params: {
    "override_value" => {
        "match" => "",
        "value" => "true"

I have extracted this from the output of hammer -d sc-param add-matcher ..... Using hammer -d can help a lot when trying to figure out how to use the API, since it prints out all the API calls including the JSON data.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: