Need suggestions~Changing from cobbler

I have used Cobber since the 0.6 release and in its time it was awesome but
it has serious issues with its code base and the last time I looked
(sometime ago) it had serious security issues with Kerberos support.

I have used Foreman since I think around 0.2 and it has consistently
improved over time and I now consider it technically superior to Cobbler,
it is also likely to be at the core of Red Hats next generation of
Provisioning and Configuration suite which include Katello, Pulp and
Candlepin. I believe that Cobbler is seen as legacy along with Satellite.
However some one from Red Hat can confirm that if it is not commercially

I find the Foreman community very responsive with a lot of smart people
working and supporting it not just from Red Hat but also other distro
including Debian and Ubuntu. Cobbler was primarily just a Red Hat Family
provisioning tool and I was never sure from one release to the next if
Debian support would be included or not.

I think I have nailed my colours to the mast with my support for Foreman
but I arrived at this position after a lot of hard technical decisions over

A big thank you to both communities for the support and help you have given
me over the years.

Regards Jim

··· On 3 May 2013 09:21, 叶璐 wrote:

I’m trying foreman for the integration with puppet. It’s really powerful
and acts as a glue between Puppet.

but when I want choose only one between them, I find it hard…

from the next opinions,cobbler is more mature in some way

  • Products industry recognition
  • the activity Level of the community is considerable reason.
  • there are big difference Google search results quality,

but how about the future?

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