Need to register ubuntu servers

Problem: Unable to register Ubuntu servers with the Foreman server

Expected outcome: Need to see the ubuntu server in GUI screen of foreman to install packages

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.19

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: Katello - 3.8

Distribution and version: Ubuntu 16.x and 18.x

Other relevant data:
I am able to register the Linux clients on Foreman server and see them in GUI screen theere must an option to register ubuntu servers in the same way , can anyone help me on the same.

Hi @Leo8,
as I understand it you want the Ubuntu server to be available on the Content Host-page.
This requires that the subscription-manager application is installed on the Ubuntu system.
With this you can register the host with Katello using an ActivationKey that has been configured in Katello.

The latest versions already include the metadata to build deb-packages:

see also Debian Client Support in Foreman/Katello

Thank you for your response.

Yes exactly i want to see my Ubuntu server under the "content host " tab in Foreman GUI just as i have the redhat server .

It would be of great help if you can provide any steps to install the subscription-manager application or any links to install it on ubuntu server.

Thank you !

i have attached the redhat server for refrence from foreman GUI and i Need the same for my ubuntu server

With RHEL-servers you have the advantage that subscription-manager is already part of the native repositories (because the subscription-manager is also used to attach to the RedHat-subscription servers).
For Debian/Ubuntu, this is not the case, which means you have to build the subscription-manager yourself and make it available to the Ubuntu-host. Either by creating an APT-repository or install the built deb-package with dpkg -i

As far as I know the Foreman/Katello community does not provide any repositories for these packages.

Attention selfish commercial marketing ahead :wink::
There are commercial solutions based on Foreman/Katello that provide such repositories to their customers, like by the company that I work for:

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Can you send me your mail id to reach out to you

That is true for now, but it is already on the list of ToDos for the near future.

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Can I track the status somewhere?