New 1.21.3 Install, no Smart Proxy listed and unable to configure as already exists?


After trying and failing to upgrade our existing Foreman 1.13 server to 1.21 I’ve performed a fresh install of Foreman 1.21.3 on CentOS7. After running the foreman-installer command I get the success message telling me Foreman is running like so:-

Installing Done [100%]

As this says the proxy is running I was under the impression it would be listed under Smart Proxies in the UI but nothing is shown, an attempt to add a Smart Proxy using the same details fails like so:

Name: [has already been taken]
Url: [Only one declaration of a proxy is allowed]

Our existing Foreman 1.13 install shows the Smart Proxy listed with the same name as the current Foreman server, so I’m not sure why it’s not listed in the new install or why I can’t add it in with the new host information?

Foreman and Proxy versions:


@Nate Thanks to raise it.

Could you please see smart proxy by selecting “Any Organization” and “Any Location” and see ?

Thanks @vijsingh, I can see it under there!

Thanks :slight_smile: