New bundler group called "journald"


it looks like the structured logging patch was merged. It introduces new bundler group called “journald”, you want to make sure systemd-devel (libsystemd-dev on Debian) is installed in order to be able to install the native gem. If you don’t want to enable logging to journald (turned off by default), you can use --without journald flag or edit .bundle/config.

However, journald can be useful also in development setups - it avoids creating huge logs/development.log file, it’s automatically rotated, you can set transient mode to avoid writing to disk and most importantly you will see structured fields (session, request, taxonomy) along all log records. This is how you can configure it:

  :type: journald
  :sys_pattern: "%.3c|%.1l %m\n"
  :level: debug

To follow the log:

journalctl -fo cat

See Journald support merged - dev env needs changes as well.