New docs - urls

I have noticed recently that a couple of people installed the nightly version, I guess by accident. I wondered why and noticed myself that a few times I have been on the nightly docs when I was browsing.

One way I get there if I am in a manual like the installation manual for katello 2.5 and what to go to the upgrade manual. Thus, lazy as I am, I just cut the URL to thinking, that must be the 2.5 page. It also gives me the selection of guides. If you are just in transition you don’t really look at the three head lines:

Page not found!

We are sorry, but this page does not exist.

Available guides for the latest nightly build:

So if I continue there I am in nightly docs. The correct URL for the list of 2.5 guides is

May I suggest to move the version page 2.5.html to 2.5/index.html aka 2.5/ ?

As all guides are under the 2.5/ location the guides index is, well, the index for that location. Add a redirect from 2.5.html there to keep old bookmarks working.

Also the general 404 error page should not be the nightly guides index. Any URL which doesn’t exist, e.g. takes me to the list of nightly guides. From that it’s not really clear that you are on a 404 error page. IMHO that error page should contain the top page if you want to keep it that way.

May I also suggest to make the nightly docs more obviously “nightly”? I guess that would help people to identify those pages as “beta version” and keep them from accidentally following them. I thought about something around a big watermark with “nightly” or “for development” or “beta” and maybe also a static, floating element at the top of each page explaining this is nightly docs and briefly mentioned the indented audience.


cc @lzap @mcorr and @lstejska just in case you haven’t seen this.

I had not seen this! Thanks @Marek_Hulan and @gvde - looking now.

IIRC, this is needed because we are using hugo. I’ll try to catch up with @lzap and see can we implement redirects.

This is not technically possible, however I am making a change that will copy X.Y.html files as index.html pages. It makes sense, this happened to me as well.

Agreed, this is also confusing. Both changes are here:

This is gonna be more tricky change - we need to change ASCIIDOC template (CSS). I will take a look.


I have found a way how to implement “Fork Me on Github” ala ribbon:


Now the demo is over, I will review these PRs!

Which then creates content for a new demo :slight_smile: I think we should present these changes and the whole docs again.

I still have to finish off a few bits before it can become “official”, but I’ll definitely go through it at the next demo!