New/Edit host form completely broken in Chrome


I experience a long term problem with new/edit host form spanning across weeks. Dropdowns are somewhat broken, blinking like crazy, something wrong is going on. It works fine in Firefox, however Google Chrome has majority and we should make sure it works fine. We are currently branching off 2.0 and I wonder if this is a problem somebody is looking into.

This is a long time issue caused by chrome trying to autofill the select2 dropdowns. The workaround is to disable autocomplete for the foreman server.
Last time I tried looking into it (several years ago), iirc, it had to do with chrome devs deciding to be smarter than web devs on when a form field should be auto-filled. This can also be resolved by upgrading select2 or replacing it with a react implementation, both of which are not trivial (new select2 version has different api, and obviously a different implementation will as well).
You even reported this issue 3 years ago: Bug #15835: All select2 dropdowns expands on architecture selection with Chrome - Foreman

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I wonder how users deal with that, Chrome is quite common browser.

How do I do this per domain? I don’t want to do this globally.

Thanks anyway.