New filter combines with previous filter instead of replacing

Foreman Version:

When the search filter i.e “host = server1” is changed to i.e “host = server2”, the filter is combined resulting in “host = server1host = server2”.
The same problem arises when selecting a bookmark. The stored bookmark is appended to the filter that was applied before.
In the previous example that would result in “name = ansible_distribution_version and host.hostgroup = Informixhost = server1”

Expected result:
The filter/bookmark replaces the current filter

what page are you seeing this behaviour on?

It only seems to happen when there is …/hosts/ in the url.
When I’m viewing a fact in a listing over all servers, it doesn’t seem to happen (at first sight)

Looks like this issue has already been reported: Bug #28182: Fact search bar broken and resets to only searching hostname - Foreman

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With the small difference that the filter gets appended, while bug #28182 states that the filter gets cleared…
But it is perhaps the same bug…
Thank you anyway for the fast response