New host detail page feedback (Foreman 3.0+)

One thing I am missing is a quick way to update a host. Would be nice to have like the Errata card, an Update card that shows how many updates are available and a button/action to update everything now with maybe an option to also automatically solve traces after the update.

Are you asking for

  • a Packages card that shows installable updates and has an Install All button?
  • an Apply All button on the existing Errata card?

or something else?

I just feel like after the content hosts dialog went away:

Nothing similar seems to have replaced it (unless I missed something).

Would be nice to see some quick update actions you can do from the host page that does not require you to go through the remote execution dialog and then enter it again to solve any traces.

I quite like the 3-dotted dialog you can open for on some cards to perform actions. Thought perhaps update actions could be one of them.

Buy yes, I guess a new card for Packages is needed since if they do not have an errata they would be visable here.

Going back to what @olifre mentioned, foreman_column_view provided the ability to add a column based on any fact. The selectable columns feature doesn’t quite provide the same level of customization as it’s limited to a small number of pre-programmed facts, so although the functionality has been integrated into Foreman, it doesn’t have the capability that it did as a plugin.

Is there any way to add a custom column without having to dive into the inner workings of the code?

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